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November 23, 2016

Welcome to Warbirds,”Wild Bill”

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Welcome to Warbirds – Lt. Colonel “Wild Bill” Stealey – CEO, Total Sims Series
WarBirds Online has been called the “Best Combat Flight Simulation ever” by various reviewers and publications! WarBirds Online is a true combat flight simulator that takes real skill, practice, and good flying procedures to survive and win!
With WarBirds Online, you can fly and fight against human aviators from around the world, go one on one with them, or join into historical air battles with hundreds of human piloted aircraft, all battling in the same airspace for Allied or Axis Air Dominance!
With this FREE Download, you get to FLY Online FREE forever with early World War II Aircraft!
You also get a FREE Premium Account for the first two weeks that allows you access to over 175 different Aircraft, (Fighters and Bombers), and Armored vehicles like the Panzer tank.


If you decide you really like REAL Combat Flying, you can join the WarBirds community, join an Online Squadron like the historic 4th Fighter Group, and participate in Online historical battles in our Squadron Select Series events.
To Join WarBirds full time, just go TotalSims, log into account maintenance, and pick your subscription, Standard, Event, or Premium. Premium Subscribers get an immediate response from our Customer Service staff, get special paint schemes for their aircraft, FREE event participation, FREE WarBirds DVD once per quarter on request, and FREE handle changes. They also get a 25% discount on WarBirds T-shirts and other merchandise.
You are downloading the WarBirds 2016 Online simulation with 10 new terrains, 22 new upgraded and improved Flight models done by military and civilian aviators and engineers, and six new aircraft for 2016!
WarBirds Online is challenging, fun, rewarding, and brings the reality of World War II combat to a PC or Mac to you from the comfort of your home cockpit! And jumping out never really hurts but a great aerial kill brings great excitement and sense of accomplishment to every virtual aviator!
Questions or suggestions can be directed to custsvc@ient.com or click on the Contact Us button on the top right of this page.
We look forward to seeing you airborne!
Check Six and Salute!
Lt. Colonel “Wild Bill” Stealey

(US Air Force Retired)
Command Pilot







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