Warbirds 4th Fighter Group Virtual Squadron

November 23, 2016

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  1. The following screenshots are in the order you will see as you progress in the game. If you take the time to view and become familiar, you won’t be surprised and feel lost.  Notice almost all the screens lead to directions in how to use each screen. You will need to be familiar with these directions, so look around in each menu. (choose which menu to learn then find in the game to review it.)
  2. First screen you see when starting the game 1-warbirds-opening-window2. Main menus screen 2-warbirds-menu-window3. Help menu screen3-warbirds-help-menu-window4. Training menu screen4-warbirds-training-window5. Instant Action screen5-warbirds-instant-action-menu-window6. Free Flight screen6-warbirds-free-flight-menu-window7. Play Online screen4a-warbirds-play-online-menu-2016-2016-11-23-06-14-368. Mission Editor screen7-warbirds-mission-editor-menu-window9. Settings screen8-warbirds-settings-menu-window10. ACM/CAM screen9-warbirds-am-cam-menu-window11. Credits screen10-warbirds-credits-menu-wimdow

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