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November 23, 2016

How to use the radio

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p51-kRadio Communication
Chatting using the keyboard is the preferred method of communication in
WarBirds III, as everyone has access to it. English is the language employed by most pilots, but pilots from many other countries also fly. Have patience with these
players, English is not their first language, and they are probably asking for help. Help them if you can, or ask others to do so. If a player you are trying to chat with does not reply immediately, assume that they are in the middle of combat and too busy to type.
Message Display
The Radios channels provide are the means to socialize with other players. There are also messages giving vital tactical information and situation updates.The up and down arrows next to the incoming messages display area allow you to scroll through recent messages. Press Tab on the keyboard to toggle the number of text lines displayed.
Change the width of the radio buffer by typing .radiowidth <xxx> where xxx is between 200 and 440 which is the default.
Radio 1
Radio 2
Radio 3
Radio Tuning15a-warbirds-radio-bar


Open the typing buffer by pressing:   Shift+/, or Control +/, or Alt+/ or depending on the channel to be opened.
Tune a radio by clicking on the radio slot, and then typing the number. There are 106 different channels, any of which can be used. The channels serve different purposes and reach different ears, so depending on what you need to say and to whom, use the appropriate channel.
The host command .radio <x yyy> where x is the radio number and yyy is the channel, can also be used to tune the radio.
Channel 100: This is the common channel—every player can send and receive messages when tuned to channel 100. If you are in the Control Tower or a designated Headquarters screen, however, only players in that room receive your channel 100 transmissions. To communicate with players in flight, use one of the squadron,
country or private channels, as listed.
Only Radio One can be tuned to channels 1-99.
When you first enter the arena, Radio One is tuned to your country channel and Radio Two is tuned to everyone (100).

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