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November 25, 2016

Online Dot Commands

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Dot Commands are how you enter game parameters via the radio buffer once you are in the game. Some commands can only be used offline while others are enabled online. They can affect things such as gameplay, offline AI and video settings among others.
To use Dot Commands open your radio buffer (the “/” key) when in the game and enter the command. Don’t forget to include the “. “Dot.
.aiattach <ai host> <drone #> <pos #>
Attach as a gunner to drone # under the command of ai host in position number # (1 to 7).
Gives list of ai hosts and drones which can join as a gunner using the .aiattach command.
List all the arena flags (settings) for the arena.
Orders the artillery to fire a barrage at the last spotting round position.
.bglodrenderrange <x>
Sets the level of detail.
.bgminrenderrange <x>
Sets the minimum range in yards at which objects are rendered.
Clear your score.
.conv x
Set convergence distance to x where x is 1 to 999..
.correct xxx yyyy
Orders the artillery to adjust their spot firing round by xxx degrees from north, and by yyyy yards
.country x
Tune Radio 1 to country x where x is 1 (red), 2 (green), 3 (gold) or 4 (purple).
Reports the processor code path in use.
.date <xx yy zzzz> where xx is 1-12, yy=1-31, zzzz=1900-2999
Set the date to month (xx), day (yy) and year (zzzz) to have correctly positioned Sun, Moon and Stars.
.delay xxx
Sets the delay in milliseconds between each bomb in the salvo where xxx is 50 to 1000.
Destroy all objects (except the tower) to begin the takeover of a field quickly during testing.
.destroyob <x>
Destroys a single object given the object number x.
Exit plane when at full stop (or while moving offline).
Enable EZ mode.
.field -1
Start in the Air.
.field x
Start at field x.
Shows a list of fields, with their current ownership and status.
.flightstart <x pos> <y pos> <alt>
Start flight at designated coordinates and altitude.
Unloads and forces plane skins to reload (offline, in Tower only).
.framemode <x>
Enables the graphical representation of the framerate when x = 2, returns to normal when x = 1.
.fuel <x>
Set the percentage of fuel carried by aircraft where x is 1-100.
.gamma x.x
Adjust brightness
Display the ID of ground objects.
.handle xxxx
Change your handle to xxxx where xxxx can be up to 20 characters long.
.hl xxxxxx
Player xxxxxx’s icon is colored white. This can only be done to friendlies.
All members of your squad have their icons colored white, as long as they are flying for the same country.
.hurtme <part>
Destroys the selected part (list below).
List all ignored players.
.ignore <xxxxxx>
Ignores player xxxxxx where xxxxxx is a player’s call sign.
Make aircraft invulnerable to weapon hits.
Toggles 3D panning view.
.listen all
Start receiving messages from all ignored players.
.listen <xxxxxxx>
Cancel ignoring player xxxxxx where xxxxxx is a player’s call sign.
.lodrender <x>
Sets the level of detail.
Slave an observer’s view to your own.
.minrender <x>
Sets the minimum range in yards at which objects are rendered.
Set the time offline.
.pitchladder <x>
Displays the pitchladder when x is 1, doesn’t when x is 0.
.privatearena <password>
Allows user to enter selected private arena, when they enter the correct password.
Display currently tuned channels.
.radio x yyy
Tunes Radio x to channel yyy.
.radiolines <x>
Number of radio buffer lines displayed where x is 1-64.
.radiowidth <xxx>
Sets the radio width to xxx pixels, where x = 220 to screen resolution minus 32. Default is 440.
Displays the top 100 pilots.
Displays the roster for the current arena.
.runway <x>
Select runway x where x is -1 to n (-1 offline is an air start and n depends on the number of entry points at a given airfield).
.salvo xx
Sets number of bombs to drop with each key press when in salvo (pickle) mode.
.score xxxxxx
Shows a player’s score. Replace xxxxxx with the player’s call sign or leave blank to view your own.
(0-1) Toggles auto login.
(0-1) Toggles saving of password.
Steal another player and set them as observer in your cockpit.
.slewfeet <x>
Sets the number of feet to slew per frame (for slew mode–modified by throttle).
Toggles the slip indicator above the gun sight.
Activate the “airshow” smoke.
.speed xxx
Sets the autotrim to speed xxx mph.
Orders an artillery round to be fired D2 ahead of your position.
.terrain <x>
Change the offline terrain to terrain x, where x is the name of the terrain.
No limit to ammo (works with bombs & rockets).
.varlevel <x>
Change # of polygons rendered for the terrain to x, where x=250 to 50,000.
.wbuffer <x>
Enables/disables the w-buffer where x is 0 or 1.
Damageable Parts List for use with .hurtme





Offline AI Dot Commands
Sets offline game to air attack (AI planes)
Sets offline game to free flight
Sets offline game to bomber mission
Air Attack Mission
.offrps show all
Display all the available AI-controlled aircraft.
.offrps add <model>      

adds <model> to the user-selected list of AI-controlled aircraft. Once the user has created this list, the AI-controlled aircraft are chosen from it
.offrps show selected          
Displays the current user-selected list of AI-controlled aircraft.
.offrps random
Returns to the normal, randomly selected AI-controlled aircraft.
.offrps nme <x>
Sets number of enemy aircraft where x = 0 to 4. Specifying 0 returns to random numbers of friendly and enemy.
Bomber Ambush Mission


.offbombers <x>
Sets the number of AI-controlled bombers, where x = 1 to 8.
.offbombermodel show
Displays the available AI-controlled bomber models.
.offbombermodel <model>
Specifies the AI-controlled bomber model, instead of a random selection.
.offbombermodel random
Returns to a random selection of AI-controlled bomber models.
.offbombermodel ground
Toggles the selection of ground vehicles instead of aircraft in the mission.




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