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November 25, 2016

Wingman Commands

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Wingman Commands
All wingman commands are given to your wingman on radio channel 114. I tune my 3rd radio slot to 114 and leave it there all the time, and I have one of my Saitek buttons programmed to bring up that channel.
Commands come in two flavors, formation (F) and strike (S).
The format is
.F <x> <y>
where x = the formation code (a number from 0 to 10)
and y = distance in feet. Negative numbers move him forward of you, etc.
Formation codes:
0 Wedge (default)
1 VIC (tight wedge)
2 Echelon Right
3 Echelon Left
4 Trail (follows you)
5 Ladder (follows but at higher alt)
6 Diamond (same as wedge if only 1 wingman)
7 Wing
8 Road (follows you and tries to hit exact same spot with bombs)
9 Line Abreast Right (even with you, but off your right wing)
10 Inverted Ladder (follows but at lower alt)
S codes tell the wingman to look into his forward view, locate the appropriate type of target, then attack it. If he does not see the type of target you give him, he tells you he couldn’t see any such targets, then freaks out and peels off to fall in behind you (way, way behind you if you don’t stop him).
The format is
.s <x>
where x = target type code, and entering S without a target means ‘attack any ground target you see’
Target type codes:
go = ground object (buildings)
gv = ground vehicles (tanks, halftracks)
ak = antiaircraft positions (ack)
Note that when you send the wingman into attack, he will always use the most powerful ordnance he carries, and he will dump all of it on that target. If he has 10x 250-pound bombs he will dump all 10 on the target!
Miscellaneous commands
c = tells wingman to report his location (in distance, bearing and general altitude)
x = tells wingman to break off from whatever attack she is doing and reform on you (He’ll go to the default formation of wedge)


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