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November 25, 2016

S6 Glossary

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When you parachute out of your plane, given that you have enough altitude to escape your plane.
Short for Artificial Intelligence, computer driven drones that perform a set mission and programmed beforehand.
AI Kills
Any kill awarded for destroying an AI driven vehicle.
Only active or participating squads are tracked, leaving squads are removed and all their pilots listed as unclaimed until they join another one.
Recorded if you hit someone that ends up losing their plane eventually, but the kill is given to someone else.
Bad Bail
Means you died while attempting a bail, usually because you were too low to do so.
The pilot successfully left their plane and bailed to safely via parachute.
Anytime you ditch or bail over enemy territory, it is ruled a capture.
Commanding Officer, in charge of frame orders and operations for their side.
You may see this in some stats as the ride/plane when awards were given to a pilot who had parachuted and was still in the air.
The number of unique ground objects you inflicted damage to or in the case of a squad, they did damage to.
Destroyed (BDA)
This is rewarded when a ground object is destroyed and awarded to the last pilot to do damage to it.
When you get disconnected from the game server.
Occurs when you disco while in the chute and has no bearing on S3 scores.
Anytime your plane is hit by a single bullet and you end up discoing. Usually ruled like a bail.
Disco-No Damage
If you disco without receiving any hits on your plane, pilots are allowed to re-enter the frame and fly in this situation.
This is anytime you get your plane on the ground and live, but are too far from a friendly field to rule it a successful landing.
This is when your plane blows up before you even had a chance to bail, or crashed severely.
A several hour long events, part of a series, pilots losing their planes in a frame are out for the rest of that frame.
Gate Crasher
Someone who is not a member of an invited squad, yet logs in and plays anyway, very frowned upon with the possibility of banishment.
Log entries detailing damage given to ground objects.
iEntertainment Network, the owners, and producers of Warbirds.
The term given to those running and organizing S3’s.
Killed In Action (KIA)
Both the pilot and plane are lost, includes Midair, Explosion, Pkill, and Warped events.
A kill is recorded anytime you deny a human pilot from getting his plane home.
Kills per Shot Down
Number of credited kills you have, divide by how many times you were someone else’s credit (Kamikazes are subtracted out).
anytime someone goes on the runway, a launch is recorded.
In reference to stats includes all known data on a pilot/squad that exists in the database.
All of a frame’s action is stored in a log which is used to create stats. S3 lives and dies by the log and changes to it are never forthcoming. It sees all. 🙂
Lost Plane
Anytime an airframe is lost, but the pilot lives, includes ditches, bails, and discoes with damage.
When a collision occurs on the users’ front end with an enemy airframe.
Missing In Action (MIA)
Anytime someone launched a plane but never recorded an end to the sortie, occurs when players are in the air beyond the frame end, may be a negative number if a launch occurred before the log was started.
This is when the pilot is killed, either by bullets or runway accidents.
This is the number of times you successfully landed and exited a sortie.
Stands for Squadron Select Series, a multiple frame event played in Warbirds, closed to organized squads, and put on by players.
Squadron Select Series Super Simple Scorer, the parser, and code that makes up this online stats site.
A group of frames forming a multi-week long scenario, usually indicated by 3 letters abbreviating the official title.
An organized and officially recognized group of pilots in Warbirds.
Information gathered from the raw logs of a frame.
Logs do not have a timestamp with every entry, but they do have a time entry every couple of minutes, a timestamp on an event will be the last recorded time before that event happened or “frame start” which means no timestamp was available yet in the log.
Stands for Tons On Target, a value increased on a large target by dropping ordinance on it, when after a certain value it will close and rebuild at a steady rate.
TOT Points
The amount of damage done to a target’s TOT value.
Indication in the raw logs of TOT damage inflicted to a field.
These are pilots not associated with a squad, which may be due to the squad disbanding, a new pilot not yet reported, or a gate crasher.
The online WWII flight sim used to simulate historical aerial combat produced by iEN.
In logs pre T4T, this was a botched attempt of the pilot in bailing, usually because the plane was too low (see Bad Bail).




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