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April 21, 2010

View Target Maps In Flight in WB

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First off, credit where credit is due. Phenix set this site up and posted these links for downloading the WBImager program. Here it is;

Here it is;  http://www.errthum.com/troy/warbirds/wbimager/index.html  Now to see it work, go into the “playersfile” directory. There is a test.tga file there. There is a .exe file there called wbimager.exe, double click it.

You will see a small window flash for 1 second, then disappear. Now the fun part. Go into WarBirds, the beginning slash screen is far enough, now type .dotfile pf <return> . It will open a picture in a viewing window, like the welcome message when you log into an arena.

Try it now.

In Flight Maps 1


In Flight Maps 2






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