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November 8, 2016

About the Virtual 4th FG

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The Virtual Fourth Fighter Group is as faithful of a recreation of the historical Fourth, and of the Eagle Squadrons that comprised it, as is possible within the limitations of the Games and of our pilots’ time.
The Fourth is also an organization where our pilots can enjoy themselves as they strive to emulate the superb combat record of the World War II 4th Fighter Group. We place a heavy emphasis on training in both combat and non-combat flying so that we can both perform well in our assigned roles and do so in such a fashion as to show respect to the real pilots of the Fourth. That is not all we do! There are times we cut loose and just have fun in the game. Fur balling with anyone within gun range is great sport and results in a lot of laughs.
Isn’t that presumptuous to claim to be the real 4th Fighter Group?  We wondered the same thing, so we contacted them.  With all the research about the Fourth on this site, the Association of the Fourth Fighter Group, AAF, WWII, has honored us by declaring us to be their official online representation.
Why be a whole Fighter Group in one WB squadron?  For most of the war, a Fighter Group was 36 pilots; 12 per squadron.  We do the same.
Why would I want to join the 4th?”  If you’re interested in the history of the 8th AF and particularly the 4th Fighter Group or of the Americans in the RAF, if you’re a true-blue fan of American Iron, and if you like to fly Allied, there’s no better group.  We’re WarBirds’ premier escort squadron and have led the toughest raids against the best Luftwaffe groups out there and triumphed.
We also have more fun than any three normal groups put together.
“Why wouldn’t I want to join the 4th?”  We expect a high level of honor and courtesy from our pilots — since we’re sanctioned by the real veterans, we try to conduct ourselves in flight and in our writings as if Col. Don Blakeslee was looking over your shoulder.  If talking trash is part of your WB game, we’re not going to be a good match.
If you enjoy flying all the aircraft some, we’re not a good match — we focus on the 4th Fighter Group aircraft and Allied aircraft.  The CO hasn’t flown an Axis aircraft outside of intra-squad practices in over three years. The exception to this is two-fold, one when we fly as a group in what is called an S3 and when you’re in the arenas flying on your own, which leaves the choice up to you. An S3 is a realistic re-creation of an actual WW2 battle.
If you like to fly some Axis, we’re not a good match.  We’re a dedicated Allied Fighter Group when it comes to the WarBirds.   There’s a long history behind this which dates back to early 1996 and the departure of some “elite” squadrons from the Allies.
“What are the entry requirements? Only an interest in the history of the 4th Fighter Group and a cool head are required.  If you’re an ace pilot, great!  If not, great!  Many top WB pilots started out as newbies with us.  Novice pilots are *never* a liability or looked down upon.
“Can I fly with you before joining?” – “Yes”  We are always happy to have guests with us, and conduct operations on country sub-channels and TAC channels, for this very purpose (as well as for ease of communication).







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