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May 7, 2010

Combat Maneuvers – Single Ship

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Useful Combat Maneuverstactics
Pursuit Curves
Pursuit curves
Chandelle – A climbing reversal of heading.
Turning Fights
The One-Circle fight is one of the most important aspects of Air to Air combat.
One circle fight
This, along with the Two-Circle fight is used in a “Free Pass” game which means the two pilots pass each other with no-fire conditions, and must work their way onto their opponent’s tail.  These moves will in most cases determine the outcome of the fight within seconds so it is extremely important to master. Your kill or your opponents will be usually on very, very tight turn, with only a split second to shoot at a time.  Always maintain a turning fight. NEVER leave it, your opponent will be on your tail
two circle fight
The Barrel Roll is a very simple move.  When done repeatedly, it can save you from close range gunfire from a bandit on your tail.  Speed is extremely important.  If you enter it at high speeds, your plane’s performance decreases drastically.  If you enter it too slow, you risk the chance of stalling out.  If done just right, you can force your opponent to overshoot you, and you may have a few seconds to get a good shot.  However, this is an extremely dangerous maneuver because there is a great risk of receiving damage.
Barrel roll
Barrel roll 2
The Spiral Dive is used widely in the turning fight.  When you have a bandit on your tail in a turning fight, and he just can’t get a clean shot, If you dive slightly and increase your speed to optimum performance, you can eventually get on the bandit’s tail, depending on his/her skill.  This is a good trick to master because it works vice versa, and when reversed works well in conjunction with the Low-Speed Yo-Yo.
Spiral dive
The High-Speed Yo-Yo is an absolute must to master.  This maneuver is also used widely in turning fights.  If you’re on your opponent’s tail, and you risk an overshoot, this move will give you, in most cases, a clean shot.  By performing this maneuver, it decreases your speed and puts you in a nice shooting position if your opponent is holding a steady turn.
High speed yo yo 2
The Low-Speed Yo-Yo is the exact opposite.  If not performed just right, it will not give you a clean shot, and you risk the bandit getting on your tail, as shown in the picture.  It cuts your turn radius in half pretty much.  So instead of ending up on your opponent’s tail, you could end up in front of him/her.  You want to use extreme caution when using this maneuver.
Low speed yo yo 2
The Immelman is not recommended for air combat at close quarters.  It is a good move to allow you to get altitude and change directions quickly.  It is a good way to engage your target.  If used in close quarters combat, it gives your opponent an excellent shot, especially if he’s on your tail.
The Scissors is an extremely complicated maneuver to master.  The two aircraft weave in and out of each other’s flight path, each struggling to get a clean shot.  This one can mean life or death if you’re not extremely careful and is not recommended for general combat.  Once again, use as a last resort.
The Split S can save your ass* or can kill you, depending on the circumstances.  There are no in-betweens on this one.  This move is nothing more than a reversed Immelman.  It is used for engaging or disengaging from a fight.  If used in combat, you can pretty much guarantee that you’re dead unless you can pull it off fast enough to outmaneuver your opponent. As the picture shows, you are going away from your opponent upon completion.  All he/she has to do is tighten the turn with a Spiral Dive, and he’s on your tail.  It is highly not recommended for combat usage. It is used mainly as engaging and disengaging your target(s).  Use once again as a last resort.
Split s
The Bracket intercept is intended to envelop or “squeeze” the target formation from both sides after a front quarter merge. In many instances, a Bracket maneuver will be initiated from a full head on or “High Aspect” merge.
See Fighter Combat Tactics and Maneuvering Manual located in the 4FG FTP site.
There are some actual WWII Combat Training videos at:

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