Warbirds 4th Fighter Group Virtual Squadron

February 27, 2010

4th FG Operating Procedures

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1.0. Mission Statement
The WarBirds 4th Fighter Group is as faithful of a recreation of the historical 4th, and of the Eagle Squadrons that comprised it, as is possible within the limitations of WarBirds and of our pilot’s time.
The WarBirds 4th (henceforth simply 4th) is also an organization where WarBirds pilots can enjoy themselves as they strive to emulate the superb combat record of the World War 2 4th FG. We place a heavy emphasis on training in both combat and non-combat flying so that we can both perform well in our assigned roles and do so in such a fashion as to show respect to the real pilots of the 4th
Lastly, the 4th is an organization to which WarBirds pilots of all ‘nationalities’ and persuasions can look to as a model for what pilots and squadrons in WarBirds can be.
To this end we place certain restrictions upon ourselves. The 4th limits itself in official Group activities to the planes that the real 4th flew. We accept all types of pilots into our membership, from top aces to raw beginners. We conduct ourselves in a courteous fashion in public forums, whether in-flight, in electronic mail, or in a chat or web kiosk.
1.1. Roster of Authorized Mission Airframes
As of the time of this writing, the following fighter craft is known to have been utilized by the 4th Fighter Group during their tenure as the Eagle Squadrons and through the end of the Second World War:
  • Spitfire V (9/42 – 4/43)
  • Hurricane I and II (9/42 – 4/43)
  • P-47C Thunderbolt (3/43 – 2/44)
  • P-47D Thunderbolt (6/43 – 2/44)
  • P-51B Mustang (2/44 – 6/44)
  • P-51D Mustang (6/44 – 12/44)
  • P-51K Mustang (12/44 – end)
Only these aircraft will be ordinarily used by the 4th FG in WarBirds Group missions. Pilots of the 4th are not required to fly these aircraft during other times but are strongly encouraged to so as to be recognized as a Fourthman and to develop complete mastery of these aircraft.
Exceptions to the airframe rule are typically only made in the following cases:
  • Mini-scenarios where our airframes are not available
  • Missions where we are to escort bombers and no friendly bomber pilots are available
1.2. Teamspeak / Communication
The 4th FG will utilize Teamspeak III for all squad comms. TS will be configured so that HQ, Training, and each squad has an individual channel available for their use along the Group main channel.
4FG members will use Team Speak III for voice communication. See links for download information. TS3 should be configured with a Group main channel and one channel each for HQ section, Training, 334th, 335th, and 336th. Specific comm instructions will be given before each event.
Each member should also configure the Warbirds buffer with Channel 110, which is a group comm channel for members assigned to the 4FG in each Warbirds arena. Note that squad assignment is arena specific.
You may also wish to configure Channell 100 for monitoring comm from all players. Positive communication such as salutes < S> are recommended, however, members of the 4FG will not engage in derogatory remarks or taunting. Failure to adhere to this directive may mean ejection from the Squad.
Buffer Comms – Configure a channel to 110 for squadron communication. You may monitor channel 100 – All player Comms but remember your Squadron decorum. Salutes < S> and Atta Boys are always welcome but avoid negative or derogatory comms. Sometimes it’s just best to ignore CH 100.





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