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January 2, 2017

The 4th Clan!

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Anyone can be included here. Send a bio to Bombr-.

Warbirds since: 1997.  Flies from: Las Vegas, NV.  After graduation from St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN I was commissioned as a 2Lt through AFROTC and was off to the Air Force Undergraduate Navigator Training (UNT) at Mather AFB, Sacramento, CA. I was lucky to be a distinguished graduate so had my choice of assignments and took a back seat F-4. Two weeks later the “Needs of the AF” had me attending Electronic Warfare Officer School (EWOTS), also at Mather. Nine months later, and also top of the class, I chose an F-105. Two weeks later “the needs of the AF,” told me my assignment had been canceled, but as a consolation, I was allowed to choose any assignment in the Strategic Air Command. Knowing what winter was like, I choose March, AFB, in Riverside, CA, rather than Minot, ND. Lesson #1- Never believe anything the government tells you!
I reported to the 2nd Bomb Squadron and was informed I had six weeks to get qualified (which usually took six months), as the crew I was assigned to would deploy to SWA. Following my 3rd tour to SWA, my eyesight miraculously improved. I was accepted to Undergraduate Pilot Training at Vance AFB, Enid, OK. Upon graduation, I was selected as a T-38 Instructor Pilot and Flight Commander. What followed were assignments to, Rockville, Iceland, (Remote) as a Radar Weapons Controller, also flying T-33 and F-4C for the 57th FIS; I was also the AFI/DOC and part of the COMICEDEFOR staff as J-3C. following Iceland I returned to B-52Ds as an Aircraft Commander, Instructor, and Evaluator; earned an MA in International Relations from USC; RAF exchange tour to RAF Marham, then on to Division Chief of Conventional War Plans HQ/SAC; USAF Research Fellow, Published a book, “Strategic Forces in Transition,” completed Air War College, obtained an MBA, and on to the Joint Staff J-5, J-8, and the Chairmen’s Staff Group, where I became a briefer for SECDEF, Casper Weinberger. I escaped the Pentagon to become Deputy Commander for Operations of the 97th Bomb Wing, Blytheville, AR, and then Vice Commander of the 410th Bomb Wing, K.I. Sawyer AFB, MI. Two years later I became the Commander of the 410th and, following Desert Storm (Deployed to Moron, Spain), moved to Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, NV. as the Vice Commander of the USAF Air Warfare Center. I retired in ’94 rather than accept promotion, but have to work as Madeline Albright’s military Advisor at the UN. I was hired by Lockheed on the Shuttle program at Johnson Space Center in Houston, and NASA Dryden at Edwards AFB, CA. I left Lockheed to become a VP of a start- up Software Company, and three years later started my own consulting business. I finally fully retired in 2010 and am still living in Las Vegas. Along the way I have flown the T-29, C-140, T-41, T-37, T-33, T-38, F-4C & J, F-16B, F-15B &E, B-52C,D,E,F,G &H, KC-135R, KC-10, PC-3, HH-3, UH-60, EC-121, Slingsby T.53 glider (RAF), SCHWEIZER TG-3 glider (RAF), Victor K-2 (RAF).
DFC, LOM (2), DMSM (3), AM (5), AFCM (2), VNSM (2), SWASM. 1,700 hrs NAV/EWO; 7,500 hrs Pilot including 2,000 hrs IP in T-38..

Warbirds since: 1906 Flies from KY. Retired 2010 as a Safety Investigator for the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. I also retired in 1994 from the Indiana State Police as a Motor Carrier inspector. I live in east central Indiana near Connersville. My interests are in shooting, fishing, gaming. I have been with WarBirds and the 4th FG since 2010 or 2011.  Although not recently, I also enjoy drawing and painting. I am married to Beverly “Gale”, my wife of 52 years. I just celebrated my 72nd birthday. I have two sons, Tony, age 49, and Shawn, age 47 both former Marines. Tony was am scout sniper and Shawn was in 2nd ANGLICO an airborne unit. I have one Grandson, Logan Paul age 15, and one step-grandson Michael, age 23 currently in the Marine Corps., two step granddaughters Victoria, age 18, and Maggie, age 16.

                                 Warbirds since: 1942 Flys from NM. Ben asked me to send you the following information. Ruidoc is a 76-year-old retired psychiatrist. I have had a lifetime of interesting adventures, some good, some not so good. All of my life I have wanted to fly WWII fighters, finally I can. My comment as a wife, Ben was an incredible psychiatrist and very respected in his professional community and by his patients. When he retired he had the time and energy to do some of the things he could not do with the demands of his practice. He has always been a bit of an adventure dog. Loving to travel, read and hunt. This man has fully embraced retirement and there is no stopping him. He is living life to the fullest. Go, Ben!


Barry Willard, born 29 Oct 1944, Front Royal, VA. Attended/graduated from J. I. Burton High School, Norton, VA 1963, BA in History from UVA 1967. Enlisted US ARMY 1967, Commissioned 2d LT of Field Artillery from OCS, Aug 1968. Served at Ft Sill, OK (Center of the Universe) 1968-1970. RVN 70-71, Ft Sill 71-74, Germany 74-77, Ft Knox, KY 77-86. Out 1986, moved to Lexington, KY, worked 86-08, retired 2008. Joined War Birds and 4th FG in 2007.

I was “born in the USA” in the year of our lord Sep 25, 1946.
As soon as I possibly could I started visiting as many states as I could some of which were California, texas, Nebraska, Mississippi and Puerto Rico and every state between them.  Really I did not have much choice since my father was in the newly formed military group “the united states air force”.
I graduated from n. R. Crozier technology high school Dallas, tx in 1964.  After a 1 year sabbbatical, I attended southwestern university in Waxahachie, texas receiving a degree in biblical studies.
Ordered to report to the US army in June in 1970 I spent 1 year in charge of our battalion aid station after our section chief had a heart attack.  I maintained that position until being appointed to take charge of the neu Ulm military community drug\alcohol center.  A year and a half later I left the army to attend air force OCS and graduated with a commission of 2nd it.  I spent 4 years in the air force as a weapons controller and probably the only one in the 23 air defense who worked an unknown coming in from Canada.  I left the air force just before I received the rank of captain.
I had several opportunities to work for the feds in the u-s government.   I finally accepted a position in US postal service.  There I saw a need for technological training.  I went back to the school receiving a degree in digital electronics.  Then spent the remainder of my civil service career working the in engineering/maintenance section until I retired on Jan 31, 2014.
I stumbled on warbirds in 1996 while searching the web and was asked to join the 4th f.g.  I enjoy the comrade with 4th pilots and have been associated with the 4th fighter group ever since and currently, I am serving as the executive officer for the group.
I love sports such as golf where I spent a couple of years playing scratch golf, fly-fishing, radio controlled aircraft, scuba diving and softball as well as many other sports.
We invite any new pilots to warbirds to join us and our flight stick aficionados.


I’m the Swede flying with the 4th FG. I was asked me about my background and life, and I’ve always been interested in military aircraft since I was a kid. This interest is still as strong at 35 years of old. Now except for Warbirds I love training at the gym, do MMA/boxing, dance Zouk/Bachata and party at nightclubs
with my friends.
Someone also asked me “How a Warbirds pilot gets to date some of the most beautiful ladies on the planet” haha. Well, I was actually very shy regarding attractive girls for a long time. It all changed when I met a friend that I partied a lot with and we had this game of challenging ourselves to confront our fears in life. Obviously many of my challenges were to walk up to the most stunning girls of the Swedish nightclubs and talk to them. Almost for a month I was petrified and sucked at it totally, but with time we both started to get the hang of it and worked hard on analyzing ourselves and improve our body language. The approach anxiety disappeared and meeting hot girls became natural to me. Today when I meet a truly beautiful woman I simply walk up to her, say hello and start talking, joking, dance and tease around with her as if I was talking to a good friend.
My best advice for getting the girl of your dreams would be to start living the life you really want to live, start loving life! Just do it! Girls can really tell the difference between real self-respect and a fake one. Also get your body in shape, genuinely respect and love women, be relaxed and talk slowly with an open body language, really listen to what she has to say, stand as if you were about to leave so that she feels she has space and can relax, and just have a good time :-).
The way I approach things in life is also how I approach improving my skills in Warbirds. In a test I did my gaming motivation profile was tilting heavily towards “mastery”. I always try to master a game and become as good at it as I possibly can. As such I find it fun to run tests on all the fighters in Warbirds in order to fully understand their strengths and weaknesses. I believe improving one’s skill is all about hard and smart training, to analyze your mistakes, work on your weak areas, observe how the “aces” fly, talk to- and learn from them, think about ways to improve and always play with the mindset to fly every sortie like if your life depended on it. This no matter if your goal is to fly a smart and tactical sortie, or to purposely put yourself in difficult situations in order to work on certain aspects of your game. Also a tip is to always join the outnumbered side as you’ll have to adapt and work much harder in a 1v2 than in a 2v1.
Cheers! 🙂


Born in San Diego, Calif. in 1945.  Lived in Ohio for my childhood. Joined U.S. Air Force in Mar 1964 based at Lackland AFB, Texas Mar 1964-Dec 1964, Where I Attended Basic Training & Tech school, I was then a Crypto Maint. Technician  Apprentice. I was then reassigned to Burns AFS, Burns, Oregon. ( an isolated radar station ) Dec 1964-June 1966, reassigned to Fort Lee AFS, Fort Lee Virginia.  June 1966-Nov 1966, then reassigned to Viet Nam Dec 1966- Feb 1968.
After returning home I was hired by Bell Telephone Co. where I spent 16 yrs in the telephone installation and repair dept. In 1984 I then transferred to AT&T where I was a Systems Engineer for 10 yrs. And again transferred to Lucent Technologies where I finished my career as a Customer Systems Engineer  and retired in 2002.  And now I reside in sunny Florida!
While working my civilian career I also was a C-5A Loadmaster for 4 yrs and a C-130B loadmaster for 6 years, till my employer had had enough of sharing me with the Air Force Reserve. So I spent the next 19 years as a supervisor in the Air Terminal Operations Center, which only required two weeks during the year. I retired in 2003 with 33 yrs for retirement. I also was activated for Desert Storm, luckily we spent our deployment at Ramstein AB, Germany.
My family consists of myself & wife Carolyn, 4 children, and now 28 grand-children and 1 great grand-daughter. My other children are 4 cockatoos.
I have always be interested in aviation, during child hood I spent many hours flying with my uncle, who owned a Bellanca Cruise Master, a low wing retractable gear tail dragger. But I loved it even during rough weather. After joining the service I attended civilian pilot training, but never finished due to the cost involved. I got involved with RC models for a number of years, and then moved on to the computer sim type games, I spent 10 yrs flying in Fighter Ace, a competitor of WarBirds but more like an arcade game. The transition to WarBirds was tough ! And I am still not a seasoned fighter pilot after 10 years here, but what really keeps me going is the men of this unit, the camaraderie is the finest I have seen.


I was born in and fly out of Colorado. I played Warbirds for about a year in the late 90’s. At that time I owned a Video Game store in Pueblo Colorado called Game Force. I loved video games when I started the business and after 8 years of buying and selling video games I couldn’t stand them anymore. Before that I was a trucking owner-operator from 1983 when I graduated High School to 1994. I am currently an Outside Plant Engineer for Engineering Associates working on projects for Fiber Optic to the Home. I have just got back into playing PC games about 2 years ago and have been with the 4th for just a few months. I am married for the 2nd time for 4 years, no kids. When I am not playing games or working I love to shoot sporting clays, so far just tournaments around the state but hopefully that will give me a good excuse to travel to different places in the future if I ever get good enough.


Kenneth C Jeffs has taught vocal music at the elementary, secondary and collegiate level now for over 35 years.  His choral ensembles have performed at prestigious conferences and clinic in the US as well as tours in Italy and Canada.  Dr. Jeffs holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education and a Masters in Choral Conducting.  He completed a PhD in Music Education at the University of Missouri where his doctoral work included concentrations in both choral studies and musicology.  His research has encompassed the implementation of online technology for providing mentoring to new music teachers, studies in historical performance practice and male choir recruitment strategies.
The above is the ‘adult’ Ken Jeffs.  The real me began life at a ridiculously early age in November of ’52.   While my uncles were serving on destroyers in the far east, I was experimenting with flight discovering staircases served a vital function for safe descent.  After surviving pre-school flight lessons, I was confined in a room with a group of equally confused children.  It was there that highly misguided adults began the attempt to teach my fellow convicts and me vital skills like reading, writing and situational awareness, otherwise known as the significance of checking your surroundings before making any questionable decision or actions.  Little did I know how important that was at the time.  My future became clear after reading the exploits of Pilot Jack Knight.  I knew I was destined to fly.  A timely lesson in economics’ barter system allowed me to build and display my favorite a/c of WW II.  Other adults like John Wayne and Frank Lansing taught me vital lesson is history and physic:; 1) Hellcats, a ‘real man’s plane’ flew in the Pacific and 2) properly sized dirt clods dropped from the highest tree branch that would hold your weight could disintegrate with sufficient force to demolish any plastic soldier or structure on the ground below you.  However, the day came when I learned a need for glasses and naval (Uncle’s influence) policy for a pilot’s vision were at odds with my future.  I was crushed and somehow manage to survive with only my music and baseball to give me solace.
A requisite period of adulthood (see paragraph one) followed this informative yet tragic period in my life.  I survived adulthood with the help of marriage to my best friend and sharing that time with a beautiful and intelligent daughter.  Fortunately, both traits inherited from her mother.  They taught me to always be true to myself while never forgetting the child in me.  That is why when I rediscovered my ‘real’ self after receiving MicroProse Pacific Air Wars for a Christmas present, they only reacted with smiles, rolled eyes and a frequent smirk.  They knew this was me.   Now, I have found WarBirds and the 4th FG.  Its members were gracious enough to open an opportunity to fly with them.  I am La Vita Loca!  I still get smirks from my daughter and wife, but my son-in-law and granddaughter understand.   I might get them in the air with me someday.  Thanks members of the 4th FG, you have helped the real me reemerge.
The other real me is also a luthier and piano technician.  I build and repair anything from pianos to double basses J
KC (kaceyj – taken from my initials)









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