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February 18, 2017

Training Videos

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Review those you need, contribute those you want!

 Learning to use the Spitfire’s gunsight became the most critical tool for successfully taking down hostile aircraft. A lot to be learned here: https://youtu.be/UKJdVn2i8is
Basic Air Combat Maneuvering ACM:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvDz4MrYXNc
How to perform a Thach Weave.wmv (5:32): https://youtu.be/Hzq3944Xo9M
Offensive Tactics Against Enemy Fighters (20:45): https://youtu.be/C_iW1T3yg80
Flight Characteristics of the North American P-51(30:13): https://youtu.be/caJtGXMdxGM
Flying the Grumman F6F Hellcat (20:07): https://youtu.be/JUziAyx6hG4
How to fly the P-40 Warhawk (28:17): https://youtu.be/TOIg7JxHQBk
Formation Basics
Part One (9:28) : https://youtu.be/LnjANxcZyTU
Part Two (9:53 : https://youtu.be/NkWnXI9GDt8
Part Three (5:53) : https://youtu.be/sIOHqc5iUUU
How to Fly the B-25 Mitchell Bomber(21:28):  https://youtu.be/M1kQzIolmIc
How to Fly the B-17,  Flight Ops pt1-2 1943 (14:30): https://youtu.be/2IWur1n7SHc?ist=PL8F26D920AA815835 
How to Fly the B-17, Flight Ops pt2-2 1943 (14:13): https://youtu.be/a0x-dwC_NN0?list=PL8F26D920AA815835




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