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March 14, 2017

Using Joystick button for com in WarBirds

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For those having trouble with their hotkeys push to talk assignments to their joystick, here is the solution:
Open TS
Go to tools
Click on options
In the left panel click on Addons
Go to Browse online
The next box to the right of browse on-line, click on the drop down arrow
Click on plugins
Find “Gamepad and Joystick Hotkey Support” (you may have to scroll down)
Download and install (Some are finding it is already installed. That is fine.)
Go back and set your hotkey to your stick and your in Business.
Thank you to PC Alex for providing the details for this set-up <S>!
If you are unsure about assigning a J-Stick button for your particular J-Stick read on.
It is really no big deal. If you are using a setup profiler supplied by your J-Stick manufacturer refer to the user manual.
If you set your buttons using the WarBirds input mapper do the following: Enter WarBirds game, go to Settings/ input mapper.
Select the button you want to use for TS Comm and make sure it is not assigned to a function.
Get out of Warbirds and open Team Speak
Open Options
Select “HotKeys”
In menu that pops up select “Push to Talk”
Right click on Push to Talk and select edit
On the hot-key section select “on key down”
Push the J-Stick button you want to use
On the action section click on “push to talk”
Test your selection in WarBirds. Should have comm
Any issues contact me at Bill.Elliott@centurylink.net

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