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January 16, 2016

Virtual 4TH FG Code/Sop

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Code of Conduct & Standard Operating Procedures






The virtual 4th Fighter Group attempts to represent the actual 4th FG as a fighting group in warbirds.  Any Warbirds activity outside the European theater is notional only to the warbirds on-line game.                                           


  • Pilots flying with the 4th will be designated guests until such time they ask to be added to the 4th
  • Pilots who have their names added to Warbirds arenas as 4th FG pilots will be considered a 4th fighter group member pilot. All other pilots will be considered a guest.
  • Pilots flying with the 4th FG, in the Warbirds arenas, having flown a minimum of 3 months in good standing become voting members. They will have (1) vote, per issue, that is presented by the 4th FG membership.


  • Members of the 4th FG will refrain from using inappropriate language unbecoming an officer. This means all members regardless of rank or position.
  • Members of the 4th FG will refrain from making condescending comments about other pilots in the 4th FG. Including all pilots flying in the Warbirds arenas.
  • Members of the 4th FG will refrain from making inflammatory remarks directed at the Warbirds game or any supporting Warbirds staff.


  • All entering members will complete the Training and performance assessments set forth by the 4th FG Training Officer.
  • All pilots will make every effort to know of aircraft setups and operational requirements.
  • All 4th FG personnel will study and learn any information available for events in warbirds and be ready to fly upon entering the respective event. This means to prepare for Squad practices, S3 practices, and all events. The reputation of the 4th is an element of pride among 4th pilots and staff.
  •                            ” We will know before we go“!
  • It will be the duty of the TO, to communicate training schedules etc. he sets up.
  • When flying in the Warbirds arenas all 4th pilots will make every attempt to coordinate their efforts with other online 4th pilots within the same arena and include TeamSpeak 3 communications. This does not preclude any pilot’s desire to work alone and just kickin Fun is a priority in the 4th!


  • Discipline will be reviewed and enforced by a board comprised of the Headquarters staff and all Squadron CCs of the 4th FG.
  • Any conduct or accusation made by members of the 4th FG or any warbirds member will be investigated by 4th headquarters staff. If required a board of review will be called.
  • If needed, the conduct by or accusation of a 4th FG member will be discussed with the respective 4th member and appropriate action taken, if necessary.
  • Disciplinary action will not be taken unless conduct can be verified. This action can vary from having a discussion with the pilot to dismissal from the 4th
  • Upon a final approved decision of Headquarters staff, disciplinary action will take effect immediately.
  • If a disciplinary action results in any action other than dismissal, an appeal of the decision may be filled by the member in question following a ten day cooling off period.
  • There will be no appeal following dismissal from the 4th
  • The CC’s decision will be final in all appeals.


  • Each pilot seeking election to 4th headquarters staff positions must maintain the highest possible conduct of an officer and gentlemen to the 4th FG and as a warbirds pilot.
  • Each headquarters primary officer position will be voted on at 1-year
  • A call for nominations will be made by the AO four weeks prior to the official anniversary date. This call will be for two weeks only.
  • After the call for nomination period has ended no nominations made can be rescinded. They are final.
  • Each candidate will be verified by the AO for their acceptance of the nomination and willingness to accept the duties of the office.
  • Any member brought to nomination must be free of any disciplinary action for a year prior to nomination.
  • In the event that no one is nominated for a particular position, the incumbent member will continue in their position. If the incumbent does not desire to continue their service beyond the elected term then Headquarters staff will appoint a volunteer or leave the position vacant until such time as they see fit to hold an interim election or find a volunteer.
  • 4th headquarters staff will ensure headquarters primary offices are nominated and voted on within thirty days of an unexpected vacancy.
  • All members in leadership positions will vacate their position on the date a new staff member is installed. They will provide the necessary support for the newly elected member and will immediately start to provide the necessary information that is required for the transition to the elected pilot.
  • In the event a leadership position is vacated and has less than 120 days tenure left, that position will be temporarily filled by 4th headquarter staff members’ appointment. This will only be for the remaining period of the current term.


  • Any member may request a vote be taken on any matter. They must officially send a request by email to the attention of the AO. The request must be seconded by two other members with a minimum of three pilots wanting to address the same issue. All documentation of these facts must be submitted at the time of the request.
  • Headquarters may decline this vote if the CC and the XO deem it is not in the best interest of the 4th fighter group.
  • Upon request of fifty percent of members, a non-voting resolution will be attempted once and once only. There will be no drawn-out discussion. The decision of the CC will be final.

Submitted & Approved
Col. John “bombr” Frisby
November 10, 2016

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