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November 11, 2016

4th FG Movie Theater

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                4th FG Movies

Thunderbolt 1947 James Stewart Movies Full Length: Thunder Bolt

12 O’Clock High Seasons 1-3: Twelve O” Clock High

Strategic Air Command: Bombers

This is very special, don’t miss it!
Just watch the expression on the pilot’s face as he watches himself.
We owe a BIG thank you to men like him.
Just 18 years old, all alone, behind enemy lines, no guns, no escort…and he gladly did it.
It was truly the greatest generation…We owe them so much!
Note: Film is sometimes hard to start. let it run for 15 seconds then click to restart.

Here now!
Original movies produced by the Debben pilots and crews of life
around the base in 8mm black and white. Some have no sound.
Includes a 3 part interview with Colonel Don Blakeslee.

Pilots of the USAAF 334th Fighter Squadron on the ground at Debden Airfield
Scenes staged by USAAF pilots and ground crews on a foggy day at Debden airfield
Life at Debden – 4th Fighter Group, Pt. I
Life at Debden – 4th Fighter Group, Pt. II
Life at Debden – 4th Fighter Group, Pt. III
Life at Debden – 4th Fighter Group, Pt. IV
Life at Debden – 4th Fighter Group, Pt. V of V 
Eagles Transfer To Us Army Air Force (1942)
Colonel Don Blakeslee Interview – 4th Fighter Group Part 1
Colonel Don Blakeslee Interview – 4th Fighter Group Part 2
Colonel Don Blakeslee Interview – 4th Fighter Group Part 3

                            More from the same era….

Dogfight is a WWII film made for the U.S. home front featuring then Major Don Blakeslee briefing pilots of the 4thFG

362nd Fighter Group P-47 Thunderbolts over Germany in Color — New Edition Worth watching

Documentary about American pilots

RAF Eagle Squadron 1942

Battle of the Bulge 1944/1945

Just for Fun!



                                 4th FG Documentaries

NOVA: B-29 Frozen in Time
Spitfire at Crocodile Creek

B-25 Crashed Into NYC Skyscraper As Woman Defied Death…Twice

Aircraft Production of WWII: Rosie the Riveter

Great Planes| Convair B 36 Peacemaker: Peacemaker

Lockheed P-38 Lightning – Military Channel: The Lightning

Great Planes | North American P-51 Mustang: The Mustang

Whistling Death “The Corsair”: The Corsair

Flying the Grumman F6F Fighter: The Hellcat

The USS Enterprise and the Battle of Midway: Vengence

Spitfire Squadron: The Spitfire

De Havilland DH.98 Mosquito: The Mosquito

The Messerschmitt 262: The ME 262

Germany’s Bf-110 Destroyer: The Destroyer

Germans Secret Planes | World War II: Secret Planes

Aircraft of Japan – WWII: Secret Rising Suns

Wings of the Rising Sun: Brilliance from the Sun

4 Years of Thunder (1of4): Flying To War WWI: The Gentleman’s War

The First Dogfighters, WWI: The First Hunters

The Bombing War WWII: Will Bombing Win The War

Thunderbolts Conquest of the Reich: Dad’s War

USAAF pilots and ground crews on a foggy day at Debden airfield.

3D tour of a B17: Matterport

Restoration and 1st flight of “Doc” B29: “Doc”

The complete history of Air Combat: History

Above and Beyond, Israel in its War of Independence: Jewish American war pilots

Above and Beyond, Escape Nazi-occupied Europe by American Pilot Bruce Sundlun

Memphis Belle – The Untold Story: Reveals the whole story

The Spitfire Story, The story of this remarkable airplane & its designer, R.J. Mitchell

The Tuskegee Airmen, The story of the ‘fighting 99th’

Start your day off with a beautiful P-51 “Mustang” flight courtesy of the late, great, Andy Andreini.



                            The Future

Great Planes | Boeing B 52 Stratofortress | Documentary

Wings over Vietnam Hugging the Deck: Go Navy

Wings over Vietnam – The Missions: The Players

Wings over Vietnam – Wild Weasels: Cat & Mouse

Wings over Vietnam – MiG Killers: Rolling Thunder

Wings over Vietnam – Spookies/ Spectres: Down & Dirty

Wings over Vietnam – The Cavalry: Air Cav

U.S. Air Force in Vietnam 1966: Air Power

Dirty Secrets of Vietnam: The Aces

Aftermaths of Ejecting At Supersonic Speed: Last Chance

Top 10 Fastest Fighter Jets in the World: Mach Masters

U.S Navy SUPERCARRIER Airport At Sea: CVN 76

2 F- 18s Vs 2 Mig 21 Dogfight: Actual Footage

Soviet Made Mig-29 And US F-15 Aircraft Flying Together: Impressive

Time to Remember – The F14: The Tomcat

Great Planes | Lockheed F-104: The Starfighter

Great Planes General Dynamics F 111: Aardvark

A British “Top Gun” Film.

X-15 1961 FULL MOVIE

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird Documentary | Full Video


Training Films

How to Fly the P-47: High Altitude Flight and Aerobatics
How to Dogfight in Jets: Air Combat Maneuvering: Flight Tactics

 All requests email to Taps
In good faith, these films contain copyrighted and non-copyrighted material for non-commercial & nonprofit educational purposes. The 4th Fighter Group has neither monetized this work nor sought any profit from its distribution.









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