Ever heard someone say, "Someday I am going to pay off my credit cards", "Someday I am going to lose 30 pounds", "Someday I am going to get someone to build a website for my business", "Someday I am going to bring on a marketing firm to handle this day to day hassle of advertising and media so I can focus on my real work". Well today is that day!

Echoes Marketing and Media was built on a "can-do" attitude! If you can think of it, we can do it! Customer service and positive attitudes is what you will find at Echoes. Bring on your challenges! We look forward to them!

Echoes is based in Tuscaloosa, AL and was founded with the intentions to find clients that want to extend their businesses into new fields and become extremely profitable. You have to love what you do and at Echoes we love bringing clients more profits and new ventures. It's fun when we all get to share in the spoils! We look forward to working with you, you will not be disappointed!

Online Marketing

We understand that there is a ton of information out there to absorb.  We want you to do what you do best and that is build your business!  Let us put together a total online marketing plan for your company and then turn us loose!  We are very good at what we do and we are good at providing our clients with results!  Online advertising is the way of the future and will grow into a 51 billion dollar industry in just 4 years, making it the fastest growing segment of advertising!

Will your company be there when your customers are ready to buy?  Email us your ideas and questions and let us put together a profit machine for your company!