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Finding your niche is essential to having a successful advertising program.  In your local market there are a great many ways to advertise.  Newspaper, internet, radio and even local gorilla marketing.  Determining what section of market fits your product is the #1 concern.  So many times, people sign up for advertising and the medium they are using hits the wrong market for their product, essentially wasting their investment.  Before you commit to any kind of advertising you should sit down and draw out a bubble graph of the ideal consumer for your product.  Branch off of that ideal canidate and make sub targets.  This will help you reliaze what you are really trying to reach and give you a better vision of how to get there.  Careful planning will make your investment pay off, which is your end goal.  If these are things that you are having a hard time putting together, you may want to look into some help.  That is where a company like mine comes into play, we can help you form a plan and build a very specific program that is cost effective and effiecient.  </self promotion>  The next installments will break down the different mediums that are available to you and which will work best in each situation.

Make it happen!

Step 1.  Deciding to get in the game and stay there!

Deciding it's time to take your business to the next level does not come easy.  Every business owner lays awake at night thinking of ways to take their business to the promise land.  Spending money on advertising is sometimes a very difficult decision.  Did you know that when a person spends a large amount of money on anything that your physical and mental stress is that of someone who is mentally insane?  That is a lot of stress!  Making the INVESTMENT to market and advertise can pay for itself many times over if done correctly.  Can you buy an ad during the superbowl?  Probably not!  With well placed advertising, your business can grow almost instantly.  You have to look at advertising as an investment, something you are willing to commit to and stick with.  One ad in the local newspaper is not going to cut it, it's that repeated message to your market that gets the response.  So many companies take one shot at advertising and decide it isn't going to work for them.  MISTAKE!  You should just save your money if you are just going to run one time in anything!  The first step is making the decision to get in the game.  With that first step, you should determine how much budget you are willing to put towards advertising and marketing.  A good starting point is 5% of your monthly revenue.

Over the next steps we will cover how to spend and where!

Branding is something that most companies want to forget about when times get challenging.  We have all had to sit down and look over a budget and decide what has to be cut or managed differently.  Cutting your advertising and branding is a huge mistake.  Branding in a down market is a difficult decision, because everything inside of you is screaming, "CUT THE BUDGETS, SAVE MONEY!"  Your competitors are saying and doing that exact thing, cutting their advertising.  This is the time to take market share away from them and stay in front of your audience!  While they cut back and lose clients to your company, because you had the foresight to weather the storm.  It's a gamble, but with the risk comes the rewards.  When the market turns and you have had your message in front of the audience the entire time you will be poised to cash in on that gamble and your competitors will continue to lose market share to your company.

I will go into more specific examples and information about how to get the most from your dollar in a down market with your advertising in later installments.

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