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Finding your niche is essential to having a successful advertising program.  In your local market there are a great many ways to advertise.  Newspaper, internet, radio and even local gorilla marketing.  Determining what section of market fits your product is the #1 concern.  So many times, people sign up for advertising and the medium they are using hits the wrong market for their product, essentially wasting their investment.  Before you commit to any kind of advertising you should sit down and draw out a bubble graph of the ideal consumer for your product.  Branch off of that ideal canidate and make sub targets.  This will help you reliaze what you are really trying to reach and give you a better vision of how to get there.  Careful planning will make your investment pay off, which is your end goal.  If these are things that you are having a hard time putting together, you may want to look into some help.  That is where a company like mine comes into play, we can help you form a plan and build a very specific program that is cost effective and effiecient.  </self promotion>  The next installments will break down the different mediums that are available to you and which will work best in each situation.

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